Mackenzie Evanjeline. Artist, Owner and Founder of


Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

…Everything is changing and we are learning to question what we have been taught in order to make room for new ways of living and understanding the world around us.

It's time to cast off anything that subscribes to the belief that all humans are anything less

than equal in every way and to dismiss the structures and systems that promote any kind of hate

or mistreatment of animals, humans or our planet.

Exploring ourselves as individuals and as a part of something greater, surpassing our creative boundaries, exploring states of higher awareness and simply learning to love infinitely, are just a few of the things I wish to express and explore through my art and working with others in that realm.

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Grayson Porritt.Apprentice artist & Administrator,.

Grayson is currently in the middle of her tattoo education under Mackenzie but speedily on her way to being her own independent artist.

Her focus being on sweet and simple tattoo collectibles as well as script work thanks

to her love of calligraphy.


She is also a talented baker with a passion for creating beautiful cakes for any occasion and as skilled volleyball player.

Who says we ever have to choose between our passions?

Grayson current lives, bakes and coaches volleyball out of Whistler BC to cater to her love of the outdoors and the many activities the wilderness supplies, but regularly commutes to Vancouver for a few days at a time to tattoo her clients and visit family and friends in Vancouver.

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Chloe Hua.Apprentice artist & Jagua henna Artist

Born and raised in Northern China, Chloe has developed her love for art since the age of 5 and has trained as an illustrator for more than a couple decades.

She moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2012 to pursue her passion for drawing in the form of animation while attending Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

During her undergraduate studies, she established a passion for the human body and its significance in expressing one’s identity and spirit.

After graduation, Chloe decided to pursue this passion via temporary tattoos using henna paste and Jagua gel, which is an Amazonian fruit-based gel that stains the skin in an indigo blue colour that is similar to a healed tattoo. 

Chloe is able to translate her illustration skills smoothly into Jagua tattoos, making her one of the first and best Jagua tattoo artist in Vancouver.

Now Chloe is studying under Mackenzie as a permanent tattoo artist and will be sharing all of her hard work and skill with her clients in the form of tattoo art that will last a lifetime.

At the moment, her tattoo pieces are mainly botanical, but regardless of subject matter, Chloe wishes to create art pieces that are cultured, sentimental, intricate, organic, and inspiring.

Other than illustration and tattooing, Chloe also has a strong interest in singing, graphic design, window-painting and printmaking. She believes that all forms of art work alongside each other to tell stories that would bring one closer to their source, each-other, and guide them to their true calling in life.


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