Chloe's Tattoo Portfolio

These tattoos are Single Sale Flash designs prepared by Chloe.

Chloe will be taking on custom projects in 2020.

For Chloe's most up-to-date tattoos, henna and art work, follow her on instagram:    @artistybychloehua

Vegan/Vegetarian 'V'

Flash Designs

Available for Repeat Purchase

These designs are not meant to be exclusively for people who are strictly vegan but for all who strive to make changes in their lifestyle in order to take part in the movement toward a greener, more peaceful tomorrow. 

This can mean shopping vegan/vegetarian all the time, some of the time, or just being aware of the impact of the things you purchase/consume.


Whether it be for the environment, the animals, your body, morals or your wallet,

The 'v' Marks a positive & personal commitment & reminder to try.

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