Chloe Hua

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Please Provide the Following:

Maximum Dimension of the desired piece

  (In Centimetres or Inches)  

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Desired Location for your tattoo.

Design Concept, Subject Matter

Reference Material to help explain the fit, location,

  style, content, shape of your desired tattoo.

FAQ for Chloe Hua


How much does a piece cost?


- The cost can vary! It depends on the details and subject matters involved. 


What kind of tattoo do you do?

-I am currently specialized in black and grey fine line tattoos. I am open to any subject matters associated with nature. I do not tattoo anything that is designed by another artist unless approved by them, is not from my culture (Chinese), or anything that is hurtful and insulting to others.


What is your rate?


- my rate is currently $150/hr. This is also a minimum cost of a tattoo. 


How do I book an appointment with you?


- I currently only take bookings through my email. Please include information on subject matter, size, and replacement. It would be helpful to include a picture of the area of you skin you would like to have tattooed.


How much is the deposit? Is it refundable? Is it able to be transferred to another project if I change my mind?


The deposit required to book projects are as follows:

- For pieces under 6 x 6 inches, the deposit is $150.

- For custom pieces over 6 x 6 inches, the deposit is 50% of the tattoos estimated value.

- For my vegan V flashes, the deposit is $50.


All deposits go towards of the total cost of the tattoo. Once a deposit is placed, our admin will book and schedule your appointment. Please note that we are not able to hold a time slot without a deposit. This deposit is neither refundable nor transferable to another project as it goes to covering the time prepping for the tattoo (administration fee as well as time designing the tattoo). The only exception to this is in the case of tattoos larger than 6 x 6 inches, see the booking page on Chloe’s website ( for more information. If any appointment is cancelled without a 48-hour notice, another deposit will be needed to book another time slot.


How does it work with consultation and the design process? Can I book a time to see you before my tattoo day to chat?


- I complete the entire consultation and the design process via email so the day of the tattoo session will be the day of me actually meeting you. I will design the tattoo based on the information provided to me. Once an appointment is booked, I will start designing the tattoo and have the design ready for you 2 to 4 weeks prior to your appointment date so there is enough time for revisions. There are 2 rounds of minor revisions included in the initial design process and any more revisions will need to be charged an extra $50 per round, which is not a part of the final tattoo cost. (Minor revisions mean that certain elements of the design need to be adjusted but the majority of the drawing stays untouched). It is important that I am provided with as much design assets as possible initially. And for each round of revision, please include all the changes needed so I can modify everything in one go. Please be specific and avoid using terms such as ‘moody, natural, interesting, etc’ because these terms do not communicate any applicable instructions for revision. 


What if I change my mind about a tattoo after I book with you?


- it is important that you think thoroughly about what you would like and then proceeding with booking with me as getting a permanent tattoo is a life-long commitment. Changing a tattoo idea completely after an initial design has been submitted for review will result in an extra $150 in order for me to start a new drawing completely. This cost is extra and will not be a part of the quoted tattoo price. However, as mentioned in the answer to the previous question, I am able to make 2 rounds of minor revisions to the design.


On the day of the tattoo, what if I changed my mind about the size of the tattoo? What if I changed my mind about getting the tattoo altogether?


- You are able to change the size of the tattoo on the day of the appointment. Please note that bigger size will result in longer session, which means that the price will be higher. If on the day of the appointment, you would like to cancel on the tattoo altogether, it will forfeit the total amount of the deposit initially put towards the tattoo. Another set of deposit will be needed to reschedule the appointment. 


What if the tattoo does not heal in as much as I would like? 


- No worries! I offer one complementary touch up session with no time limit. Just email me or the shop ( a request, we will book you in for a touch up. Having said this, it is still extremely important that the tattoo is well cared for because fine line tattoos are more delicate and more prone to fallouts.


Why does my tattoo heal so light?


- My fine-line tattoos are completed with mostly a single needle that draws a line that is just as thin as a piece of hair. These lines usually cannot heal with a high level of pigment, creating a lighter look overall. It is a part of the aesthetic of my work to have this soft look. However, if at any point, you feel that your tattoo becomes too light to your liking, please book a touch up with us. 


I got quoted by another artist saying that my piece would take about couple hours at most, why are you quoting me double amount of time?


- As mentioned above, my work utilizes mainly a single needle, which makes all pieces I do more time consuming. However, by using a single needle, I am able to create a more gentle look and reach a very high level of details in my tattoos.

Can I bring a friend with me?


- Unfortunately, not at this time. Due to the COVID situation, we can only allow one artist and the client in the studio space at a time to ensure everyone’s safety. Once your appointment is booked, we will send you a confirmation email with information on all the COVID-related precautions. It is important to read through the email prior to the appointment.


Do you have Wifi in the studio?


- Yes we do!