Evanjeline Original Concepts & Fits

These tattoos are original concepts straight out of Mackenzie's imagination

... designed to combine her floral work with negative space to

form elegant & NATURALLY complimentary shapes that

flatter & embellish some of your most beautiful features. 

each one is generally Freehanded on the spot to make sure

the design will fit & flatter each individual's unique body.

*(though you can request a Partially Planned or Fully Finalized version, some elements may

end up being adjusted/freehanded on the spot to custom fit the design to your body)

Each individual can personalize these concepts with their own subject matter.

This can mean your selection of plants, animals, insects, items, scenes, etc.

*See Examples of Finished Evee Originals below

*scroll further to see the rough mocku-ups of available fits/concepts

Fit ( though the image definition is lac
One of my original Single Sale Concepts
More of the last tattoo of 2018 😊😊 #un
Fit comes to fruition! Filled with some
Concept 🖤 with this client's unique flo
Fit! A mountain scene and a negative spa
Fits meets Freehand Florals and a Mounta
The before and after of the freehand pro
Original shapes...
Stoked on the results of the first round

Available Evee Original Concepts 

*Shoulder Concepts (as seen above) also available... 

For Legs... 

For Hands, Wrists & Forearms...