Fully Finalized/

Pre-drawn Design Sessions:


These sessions are catered towards...


...People who want to work directly with their artist and make changes if need be, to bring their ideas to life.


This sort of session is perfect for whoever would like to see their design fully finalized prior to committing to the tattoo phase.

(Often a solid choice for virgin skin)


For people who would have opted for a freehand session but the design they have in mind is not suitable for freehand sessions at all.



Projects NOT suitable for freehand:

mathematical/geometric designs, designs with perfect symmetry, or portraits of existing people or animals.

Projects suitable for Freehand include:

Animals, People, plants/flowers, anything the does not require perfect symmetry or mathematical/geometrical perfection.



How do these sessions work...

Once your session date is chosen; our artist will contact you via email at least 3 weeks prior to your session with an initial design based off of the information you provide in your application.

You will then provide your feedback for the piece and request any necessary changes. Your artist will make edits and send it back to you for further feedback. You will pass the design back and forth until you feel the design is perfect.

at your session, your artist will print off a stencil of the design element you worked on together and you can decide together about the placement and adjust the size if need be.

Once you are happy with the placement and size of your stencil, you will begin the tattoo process.


Booking and a quote:

The process for Fully Finalized sessions starts with your application.


let us know what area of your body

you want tattooed

If you want a particular fit/shape you can provide reference images or have someone take a picture of you from a few steps back & draw on the image to show us.



Measure the maximum height & width of the area you want the tattoo to cover.

If you guess at your tattoos measurement you may get an inaccurate quote

An inch on either side can make a huge difference for time & therefore cost.

If you are okay with going large, provide the maximum area so that you can be prepared for a longer & more costly session if need be.

If you end up going smaller at your session, the worst that happens is you have some extra cash in your bank account at the end of your session.



let us know what subject matter you want included in your project.

  provide any reference material to explain any 

specifics you are imagining for the piece.

i.e. particular breed of animal or flower or if you want the animal in a particular position/angle, etc.

*anything you know you want should be included

so the artist can refer to before they start the


Once we have those must-have details, we can provide a rough estimate for time and cost. 


If you are happy with your quote & feel comfortable moving ahead, we will find a space for your session in our schedule.



Once a date is decided on you will have to send us

your deposit in order to reserve a session space.

We can not hold session spaces without a deposit.

You can either pay your deposit via E-transfer or we can send you a digital invoice for the deposit amount.

once we receive your deposit, you are all set util your artist contacts you with the beginnings of your design.

The rest will be worked out then!



(important notes)

*Rates are subject to change 

**the rate you were given at the time of your initial

booking will be the one that applies to your session.

*Rate changes do not effect active sessions.

*Changes will only apply to  applicants booking after changes.

these sessions have the

Highest hourly rate.

This is because your artist will likely spend just as much time

on your design (if not more) than he/she will on the actual tattoo phase to make sure you are able to make all the alterations you desire or to re-start if need be.

There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes and these sessions make sure everyone is cared for.

Fully Finalized Session Price Guide 

(applies to fall 2019 book opening)

Fully Finalized session rates are on NOT on a 'sliding scale'.

This is because the larger the project gets, the more design time your artist will spend on it. This also often means more edits since there is more area and often more content.



Repeat or long-standing Clients may be eligible for loyalty discounts.

Ask us when you apply!




For sessions

under 2 hours:

(first hour down)



For sessions

over 3 hours:

(Half of your Minimum

cost estimate)

*Because of the design time your artist will spend

prior to your session,

a larger deposit is necessary to ensure that their design time is paid for should a last minute cancellation occur.


with a 4-6 hour quote,

the deposit will be

2 hours down.



For a 8-12 hour quote,

the deposit will be

4 hours down.


You may place an initial deposit of $210 to claim a session day if you are unable to pay the deposit in full right away.

*A payment plan or mail invoice can be arranged for the remainder of your deposit.

*Deposit must be paid in full prior to session date and in a timely manner.



Flat Hourly Rate &

Minimum Charge:



Free touch-ups for life

(Unless tattoo is repeatedly improperly cared for during healing)



Only the first hour minimum charge is non-refundable.

*The remainder is refundable up until your artist begins the design process at least 3-4 weeks prior to your session date.

Once your artist has spent time working on your design, the remainder of your deposit will serve as compensation for her time should you decide to cancel. 




If you would like to reschedule, we just need 7 days notice and we can transfer your entire deposit to a new session date.

Outright cancellations will forfeit their 1 hour minimum deposit but will be refunded any remaining deposit so long as they notify us prior to the start of their design process.

Cancellations made after the design process has begun with forfeit their deposit in full.